Sigint Solutions

Wireless Modelling


Tru-UWB, is a 3D ultra wideband (UWB) simulator module based on the 3DTruEM physics EM engine developed by Sigint.  Simulator module provides UWB impulse responses and channel power estimations by utilising the UWB band-divided ray tracing method. Tru-UWB’s core functionality is further  extended through various communication modules which include Network Analyser hardware connectors (R&S FSH, ZVL) for performing UWB measurements, UWB localisation modules etc.


  • UWB modelling


  • UWB

Standard Output

  • Impulse Response
  • Channel power

Extension Modules

  • Tru-MIMO, MIMO Capacity module
  • Tru-Loc, Loalisation Module
  • Custom

Extended Output

  • Information Capacity (MIMO)
  • Location
  • Custom 


  • NS2/NS3
  • Matlab
  • Emulators
  • Communication Equipment (Spectrum Analyser, network Analyser)
  • Custom