Sigint Solutions

ISO 17025

Sigint Solutions’ ISO 17025 accredited Radio and EMF measurement laboratory mission is to provide high quality measurement services. 

The EMF measurement studies and services are available to Telecommunication Providers, Authorities, Goverment departments, Municipalities and Individuals and are associated, but not limited, to the following fields:


  • EMF Measurement Studies for the evaluation of electromagnetic radiation from ELF, ULF, VLF and low frequency networks (5Hz-400kHz)
  • EMF Measurement Studies for the evaluation of electromagnetic radiation from radiofrequency and microwave frequency networks (30MHz-3GHz)
  • EMF Shielding studies (in co-operation with Sigint Labs) 
  • Radio Network Design
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CYSAB ISO17025 Certificate L.040

Sigint Solutions EMF laboratory has been assessed by the Cyprus Accreditation Body (CYSAB), according to the accreditation criteria for Test and Measurements Laboratories, as defined in the quality standard CYS EN ISO/IEC 17025, and in 2012 received an accreditation to perform EMF Measurement Studies in the frequency range 30MHz – 3GHz.

The laboratory has extended its current accredidation scope for EMF measurement studies in the frequency range 5Hz – 400kHz and received an official accreditation from CYSAB in February 2014. With the completion of the accreditation extension Sigint's EMF laboratory is currently the only accredited EMF measurement laboratory in Cyprus in the frequency range of 5Hz – 400kHz, which covers the EAC transport and distribution network, Elctrical and electronic devices e.t.c.

The EMF laboratory is also registered in the Department of Electronic Communication - Ministry of Communications and Works "List of approved organisations" which are accredited to perform EMF measurements.

EMF Laboratory

EMF Laboratory Personnel

The EMF Laboratory team is composed by a number of Scientist/Engineers with high educational and professional expertise in the field of EMF Measurement studies. All personnel undergo continuous training in the areas of Electromagnetic Field Measurements and Theory, as well as in health and safety issues. The EMF Laboratory has the following positions:
  • The Quality Assurance Manager
  • The Supervisor Telecom Engineer
  • The EMF Measurement technicians/engineers
  • The Health and Safety Manager
The duties and responsibilities of the Laboratory staff are defined by the CYS ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The engineers are active members of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK).


General Policy statement

The general Policy Statement of Sigint Solutions Ltd states its commitment to perform high standard services in the field of Electromagnetic Field Measurements, through the implementation of a quality control system which will document, analyze and assess all the information that unite with the quality of service, with the ultimate goal to provide customer satisfaction and constant improvement of quality.

Quality Control

Sigint Solutions EMF Laboratory was accredited in 2012 by the Cyprus Accreditation Body (CYSAB) with the ISO 17025:2005 quality standard. The ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard requires a test and measurement laboratory to have “quality control procedures for monitoring the validity of tests and calibrations undertaken.” This means that laboratories must perform internal performance-based “quality control” checks in accordance with 5.9 of ISO/IEC 17025 in order to demonstrate compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation requirements. Irrespective of and in addition to a lab’s quality control activities, there is a separate and distinct requirement for all laboratories to participate in relevant and available proficiency testing (PT).

In this framework, Sigint Solutions  has performed Inter-laboratory comparisons with DEC, obtaining highly aligned in agreement matching results. 

Inter-laboratory comparisons Report Download

Data Confidentiality

All raw measurement data and final technical reports, are saved in electronic forms and kept confidential and under strict safety regulations, for a period of 3 years, in order for the clients or any authorized regulation authority, to have access on sufficient evidence on the results and the quality of the procedures and methodologies followed.

The quality of the services provided by Sigint Solutions and the acceptance of the results for the EMF measurements performed by the Laboratory, have been confirmed by the Department of Electronic Communications, Ministry of Communication and Works, Republic of Cyprus.

Quality of Service acceptance letter by DEC Download

Health and Safety

Our Vision on Health and Safety is for every person in our organization to develop a safety and environmental culture as it is clearly stated in the company’s Policy Statement on Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement Download

In this respect, Sigint Solutions:

a. Adapted and strictly follows all relevant national legislation: Ν.89(1)/96, N.158(1)/2001, N.25(1)/2002, N.41(1)/2003, N.99(1)/2003 και Ν.33(1)/2011, Κ.Δ.Π. 173/2002, Κ.Δ.Π. 174/2002, Κ.Δ.Π. 494/2002 και Κ.Δ.Π. 134/97.   
b. Constantly informs and trains the employees in certified training centers.
c. Supervises monitors and controls the execution of works on a continuous basis.

The basic objective of Sigint Solutions  in the area of Health and Safety is the continuous and steadfast improvement of the occupational Health and Safety standards, to ensure a satisfactory level of air quality and of the environment in general, the safeguard of the employees the public and the environment against any hazard or risk that potentially may occur at any phase of the company’s activities.

Especially in performing EMF measurements, Sigint’s personnel have attended the necessary training course and have been awarded with a “work at height training certificate” as well as approved ID cards. The aforementioned training included the following topics:

a. General Health and Safety Awareness
b. Basic principles of Working at Height
c. Working on Roofs
d. Safe System of Work
e. Personal Protective Equipment
f.  Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
g. COSHH / Assessments
h. Basic First Aid and Fire Awareness
i.  Safe use of Ladders
j. Working in Remote Areas
k.Work Alone

Finally, Sigint Solutions Ltd has performed several Risk Assessments and has developed the necessary Safe System of Work (safety plan) for all generic types of EMF measurements.