Project Name: 4GOPEN - Optimization and Convergence for Next Generation Networks

Research Programme: EUREKA - EUROSTARS

Funded by: Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation

Duration: 30 months (01-05-2009 - 31-10-2011)


  • Sigint Solutions Ltd, Cyprus
  • Wavecom, Portugal
Description of work

In a global European perspective, it is important to play a commanding role in the evolving information market, to be able to offer new technologies and services at a competitive price, whilst opening the door for future markets to ensure continuous economic growth. In addition, wireless trends have suggested that a focal part of the so called "Next Generation Networks (NGN)" will be seamless interoperability between network operators and access technologies in a bid to provide ubiquitous coverage, and cost-effective communications in an era where spectral resources are a premium. The drive for ubiquitous, cost-effective communication in unison with new service provisioning opportunities provided the impetus for the 4GOpen project. This collective consortium have a common interest to design, implement and validate a heterogeneous network simulation platform- for NGNs systems where the key actors (service providers, operators, and manufacturers) will be able to test new deployment and optimization strategies in a heterogeneous networking environment.

The application of existing commercial tools for evaluating network performance, in a telecommunications society where we have heterogeneity in terms of operators and network, will provide limited results leading to non-optimal usage of radio resources in an era where communications must be cost-effective. The key goal of 4GOpen is to go beyond state-of-the-art on existing dynamic system level tool technologies to facilitate the global optimization of the radio network where we infer the network can encompass several RATs and operators.

The scope of the project is to interconnect two simulators (3DTruEM - Network Simulator) working on different communication layers (Physical and Network) and demonstrate the combined accuracy achieved by the simulators compared with real measurements. The final result would be a service, where a user will request the simulation and analysis of a WiFi or WiMAX communication scenario on 4GOPEN simulation platform, by configuring the parameters of the scenario of interest. 4GOPEN simulation platform will assist users in planning their networks in terms of access points, routers, repeaters, etc. Utilization of the tools will allow the best network deployment for maximum wireless coverage and performance.


In 4GOPEN project, Sigint has contributed towards the development of the 4GOPEN simulation platform and the experimental testbed for the verification of the results obtained from the simulation platform. In order to interconnect the two simulators, Sigint has designed and developed a number of modules in order to allow the interconnection, the cooperation and the data exchange between the 3DTruEM and the network simulator.

The user can access the 4GOPEN simulation platform through a service offered by Sigint Solutions. The service allows the user to access the simulation platform remotely by completing an appropriate simulation configuration form and requesting the simulation and analysis of a WiFi or WiMAX communication scenario on the 4GOPEN simulation platform. The simulation environment is first designed using 3DTruEM, defining the nodes position and configuring network simulator related parameters based on user's input. Then, 3DTruEM simulates the scenario and its results along the configuration files are passed to the network simulator. Then, the network simulator simulates the scenario, calculates statistics (i.e. throughput) and results are shown through 3DTruEM.

In order to verify the accuracy of the results obtained from the simulation platform in comparison to real measurements, Sigint Solutions has developed a heterogeneous radio testbed consisting of WiFi and WiMAX modules and an IP traffic platform. A number of tests have been performed for evaluation purposes using the following networks under LOS and NLOS conditions:

  • 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network
  • 802.16 (WiMAX) network

The following pictures present aspects of the testbed

The results have shown that the simulation results are in close agreement with real measurements. The following tables present the throughput obtained in a WiFi and WiMAX network under different network configurations.

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