Sigint Solutions is an ICT Research and Development Organisation, founded in Cyprus in 1996. The company performs research in wireless communications, network security and heterogeneous network coexistence, with core research competencies in layers 1-3 of the OSI model. Through its expertise and knowledge, Sigint develops cutting-edge technologies and transfers them to the industry to foster commercial success. Continuous improvement, innovation and contribution to the research community in the telecom sector are fundamental elements that form the company's values.

Sigint Solutions activities include the development of communication simulators, emulators and network testbeds and the provision of consulting services and training in topics related to wireless communications.

An ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory supports the consulting services and the experimental platforms validation and testing activities of the company, through the performance of field EMF measurements.

In the R&D area, Sigint's competency is demonstrated by its successful, long term research record in R&D projects from FP6-FP7, EUREKA CELTIC and national calls. A sample of these projects include UNITE (EU), FUTON (EU), WHERE (EU), WHERE2(EU), LOOP (EU), MOBILIA (EU), ICARUS (EU), 4GOPEN(EU), C2POWER(EU), COGEU(EU) , ASPIDA (RPF), MOTIF (RPF), LOCME(RPF), UPI(RPF).

Contact details
  • Sigint Solutions,10-12 Demokedous street,Office 102,
    Nicosia 2311, Cyprus
  • Tel: +357 22325240
  • Fax: +357 22325241
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