Acronym: DAROSA
Category: National Projects
Funding: Research & Innovation Foundation
Program: Research in Enterprises
Contract No.: ENTERPRISES/0618/0158
Scientific Field: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Role of SIGINT Solutions: Partner
Budget: 285440.40 EUR
Status: Ongoing
Period: 01/02/2019 - 31/01/2021

  • Chris N. Tsolakis Ltd
  • Sigint Solutions Ltd
  • CP Foodlab Ltd
  • RTD Talos
Description of work

The general purpose of this project is to maximize the quality of rose-water obtained from roses of the species of Rosa damascena Mill. (Rosaceae) (Damask Rose) simultaneously with an attempt to minimize the costs related to its production while creating a more competitive product in terms of consumers' satisfaction. We therefore aim to improve the Cypriot rose-water and promote it to a capable product that can compete at an international level, not only by economic criteria but mainly by qualitative properties. With this study, we aim to improve the rose-water produced by finding the ideal conditions related to harvesting time, storage conditions and distillation parameters and thus by developing a prototype of a standardized production protocol that will minimize the production costs. This high-quality rose-water can be promoted in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries due to its therapeutic properties.

The major objectives of this project are: 

1) To examine the physical characteristics of the R.damascena roses and the chemical composition (including phenolic profile and essential oils) of rose-water produced from the aforementioned,

2) To examine the role of harvesting time, storage conditions and distillation conditions in the resulting quality of rose-water obtained from the flowers, 

3) To examine the antimicrobial activity of rose-water in terms of harvesting time, storage conditions and distillation conditions. 

4) To develop a prototype of a standardized production protocol that will ensure constant high quality production, maximizing the efficiency of the procedure and thus, minimizing the production costs.



Sigint, as a software/hardware development company, foresees to deploy a wireless sensor network, implementing edge of technology Internet of Things (IoT) and develop a central management platform that will be able to statistically analyse and correlate the collected environmental parameters with the end product quality and quantity performance. Such a complete and modular platform and the related software application are expected to create opportunities into a new market (precision agriculture) both locally and internationally. The modularity of the platform and the possibility to be incorporate a great variety of wireless sensors, will provide a powerful product, customizable to the specific needs of each client based on the peculiarities of his cultivation.

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