Project Name: LOCME

Research Programme: PENEK - Programme Young Researchers of Cyprus

Funded by: Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation

Duration: 24 months (01.01.2009 - 01.01.2011)


  • Sigint Solutions Ltd
  • Open University of Cyprus
  • University of Cyprus

Website: www.sigintsolutions.com/locme/

Description of work

The LocME Project aims to develop/evolve wireless based localization methods, by combining the signal information provided by multiple heterogeneous wireless systems. The proposed work is expected to simulate the overall existence of a heterogeneous network and identify the accuracy improvement that can be achieved when combining information from these different networks.

The work is also expected to develop an automated user positioning platform for next generation heterogeneous cooperative networks. In the context of the project an image processing application will be also developed to extract building information using satellite photography. This building information will thereafter be used for outdoor positioning purposes.

To address the various concepts of the project the following scenarios will be investigated:

  • Outdoor positioning scenarios using cellular/broadband systems
  • Indoor positioning scenarios using indoor wireless systems
  • Outdoor to Indoor Positioning using heterogeneous radio systems


Contact details
  • Sigint Solutions,10-12 Demokedous street,Office 102,
    Nicosia 2311, Cyprus
  • info@sigintsolutions.com
  • Tel: +357 22325240
  • Fax: +357 22325241
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