Project Name: UNITE - Virtual Distributed Testbed for Optimisation and Coexistence of Heterogeneous Systems

Research Programme: EU Sixth Framework Programme, Information and Communication Technologies

EC Instrument: STREP Project

Contract Number:

Man-Power Effort:

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EC Funding:

Duration: 36 months (1-02-2006 - 31-1-2009)


  • University of Surrey (United Kingdom) (Coordinator)
  • Sigint Solutions Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Rohde & Schwarz (Germany)
  • France Telecom R&D (France)
  • Eurecom (France)
  • NCSR Demokritos (Greece)
  • University of Aegean (Greece)
  • PDM&FC (Portugal)
  • Instituto De Telecomunicacoes (Portugal)
  • CEA LETI (France)
Description of work

UNITE will encapsulate the common features of cellular, wireless (3G, WMAN, WLAN) and DVB broadcasting to provide a scalable, extendible, evaluation and co-existence Virtual Distributed Testbed (VDT) to investigate cross-layer and cross-system optimization. Its intention is to push back the boundaries on simulation tool design by removing the constraints on abstract modeling of layers. UNITE envisages to have available a complete set of evaluation tools to model protocol behavior within L1 to L3, so that a richer set of cross-layer parameters can be made available for optimization; these cluster of tools may either coexist within an organization, or may be geographically distributed.

UNITE aims to address the aforementioned research challenges by:

  • Implementing an efficient, accurate and scalable VDT to support cross-system and cross-layer optimization of heterogeneous systems in a unified manner.
  • Using VDT, to investigate, design and evaluate cross-layer and cross-system interactions among next generation radio protocols without neglecting important real-system details.

The Pan-European VDT (an important UNITE innovation) will offer the following key beneficial attributes on a European scale:

  • A platform for realization of existing and future radio standards.
  • An end-user transparent framework with plug and play features to support cross-system and cross-layer algorithmic testing in a beyond 3G heterogeneous environment.
  • The enabler for cross-layer optimization to attain an optimized radio access network solution in view of E2E (End-to-End) performance.

In UNITE, Sigint developed:

  • At the network layer, software components for interconnecting remote radio/telecom simulators/emulators, for the purpose of constructing much larger scale simulations including cross system/layer simulations for heterogeneous networks, and
  • At the application layer, a graphical user interface and data processing modules for the selection of the remote radio/telecom simulators/emulators configuration to be utilized under UNITE simulation framework, for the configuration of the simulation-related parameters, for the processing of user input into UNITE-related data format and for the simulation request. Moreover, Sigint has developed the repository of layer/platform specific algorithms to store the simulation scenarios and algorithms developed by the end user and also the simulation results that are associated with each simulation scenario.
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